The Personal Transformation Journey is my intensive coaching and therapy package that creates lasting change for individuals.

In order for change to effectively embed, I believe it is necessary to work on both the logic and conscious aspects of the mind as well as on the energetic imprints. Blending elements of life coaching with in depth energy therapies, this personalised one to one programme takes you on a unique journey of personal transformation.

We will work together in private sessions, face to face or remotely and you will receive instructions, support and feedback for private practices. 

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7 Steps to Your Personal Power

A practical and easy guide to manifest the life that you want. This booklet will help you connect to your personal power in seven easy and practical steps. Find your power. Use it well.

How I Work

As a certified executive coach, I work with clients in one to one sessions to determine how they can accelerate their progress, remove obstacles and build the life they want. These sessions address mostly the mental – emotional aspects: decision making, planning, unlocking motivation. I hold clients accountable for commitments they make with themselves and offer a qualified sounding board to discuss a multitude of topics. I specifically use my business experience to help clients navigate the intricate paths of business related issues and aspects.

As a Reiki Master and energy medicine practitioner trained in the tradition of the Peruvian Q’ero shamans I work with clients at the energetic and soul level. Here change become much easier as energy imprints embedded in the energy fields of clients and the negative patterns they create get cleared. With the assistance of various rites and specific energy medicine techniques I help raise clients’ vibration and restore balance and harmony within and without. These sessions can be done face to face or remotely and take the form of chakra illumination, imprint clearing, energy extractions, soul retrieval and various rites. 

As a passionate practitioner of mindfulness techniques I support clients in developing a practice of meditation and mindfulness exercises that help them conserve and expand their personal power. These practices are detailed in my book Personal Power – Mindfulness Techniques for the Corporate World but their range of application expands much further than the corporate world. The state of our energy determines the amount of personal power we have available to achieve our dreams. By knowing, conserving and increasing our personal power we manifest the life that we truly want.

Coaching and energy healing training and qualifications:

Reiki Academy London, UK – Reiki Master (2018)

The Four Winds, USA – Energy Medicine Practitioner (2018)

Performance Consultants International, UK - Executive Coach (2011 - 2014)

School of Intuition and Healing, London, UK - Various courses (2013 - 2016)

Therapies That I Use

This is an ancient method of energy healing found in various indigenous cultures across the world. The tradition I have been trained in comes from the Q’ero shamans of  Peru. As shamans we believe that everything consists of energy and when imbalances occur, work needs to be done to restore the right relationship and bring the energy into balance again. These sessions could take the form of chakra illumination, extractions, soul retrieval and various rites.

Coaching is the process of equipping people with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to fully develop themselves and achieve their full potential. Coaching usually addresses issues on a mental level and is an effective complement to energy sessions.

During our coaching sessions I will listen and provide a sounding board for you to explore and discover the best ways to make your goals a reality. 

These short practices (10-15 min) are often used as an introduction to a coaching session and provide an effective way to place you in the best state of energy to access the truth within. During these sessions I will connect with each of the your chakras, cleanse and rebalance their energy, removing old, stuck or harmful energy.

As a result you will feel more grounded and focused and be able to more freely access your inner truth.

Reiki is a Japanese art of spiritual healing. Its name comes from the word ‘rei’, meaning spiritually guided, and ‘ki’, life force. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method that is effective in helping virtually every known illness. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. It is especially helpful for people suffering from low energy or those recovering from illness or accident.

The state of our energy determines the amount of personal power we have available to achieve our dreams. These meditation and mindfulness techniques offer you a blueprint to knowing and conserving your own personal power and using it to manifest the life that you want. You will receive instructions on how to build your own meditation and visualisation practice as well as recorded models that help you start your practice with no delay.

Your are the one in charge of your own healing. Our sessions help clear blockages but it's ultimately down to you to keep being the best version of yourself.  I will support you with individually designed exercises, practices and worksheets that will help you deepen your awareness, anchor the healing you have received and train your mind to focus on achieving the results you desire.  We'll discuss the results and deepen the practices during our sessions.

"Roxana Valea is the real deal and of course her resume, or cv, tells you that. The secret to our success was trust and openness. From our first session to our last, Roxana proved herself, honing in on blocks stalling my next chapter. With seemingly magical rituals , Roxana fostered energy to identify, eradicate and 'coach' me to a deeper awareness of myself. Most definitely the real deal. Take the leap!" 

Cindi - Energy Medicine Sessions 

Imagine if you could...


  • Feel in your power everyday and be the best version of yourself​
  • Find your authentic self and build a life that fits with who you are​

  • Finally take the steps that lead you to your dream life

  • Unlock and enjoy your health and vitality

  • Return to a place of high energy, joy and excitement 

  • Find the path to change from within that lasts and is effortless

  • Live your dream and purpose every day and love it​

  • Pursue your passions and discover where they take you​​

  • Live life on your terms and create the abundance to support it

  • Regain your joy at work, your feeling of belonging and self-worth​

All these and many others are possible once you step onto your Personal Transformation Journey!

Take the first step!

I will not coach you.

I will not heal you.

I will only help you uncover that which already exists within you, waiting for the right moment to come to the surface: your highest destiny.

Roxana Valea