I started Personal Power Online School in April 2020 at a time when most of the world was in lockdown. I wanted to share skills and hope with people interested to use their time at home to enhance their wellbeing. 

My initial series of three courses come from the world of energy healing and are aimed at sharing ancient techniques and rituals that help people raise their vibration and manifest the life that they dream of.

The next courses - The Personal Power Series - present a collection of practical and easy techniques that help people discover and live with personal power, every single day and in every domain of their life.

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"I started following Roxana’s Munay Ki Course and I am more in touch with myself and my intuition. The way she explains concepts is very clear and I can easily relate to the course and transform it into practice.  I can also clearly feel her knowledge and power."

Simona - The Munay Ki Rites

Shamanic Energy Medicine Courses

Ancient shamanic practices and rites that help you raise your vibrations and create the life that you dream of.
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Introduction To Shamanism

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The Munay Ki Rites - Online Course

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Personal Power Courses 

A practical blueprint for discovering and activating your personal power, and manifesting the life that you want.
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Steps to Your Personal Power

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Personal Power - Foundation Course

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"Feed your mind with reading, feed your soul with inspiration, feed your heart with dreams... And feed all three with an online course!"  

Roxana Valea