Shamanic Energy Medicine Session

Shamans believe that everything consists of energy  and when imbalances occur, work needs to be done to restore the right relationship and bring energy into balance again. 

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Work on your energy and all will change

In these private sessions conducted face to face or over the phone we will explore in depth your issues, patterns and energy imbalances and the way they manifest in your life. Working at the level of your luminous energy field we will remove imprints that impact your life negatively and raise your vibration so that you can step into your highest destiny.

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These sessions can help with:

  • designing the life that you dream of;
  • releasing anger, pain and sadness;
  • breaking negative emotional patterns;
  • coping with crisis situations;
  • healing past abuse and trauma;
  • establishing healthy relationship patterns;
  • dealing with bereavement;
  • healing addictions, anxiety and depression;
  • healing the energy causes of physical alignments;
  • being able to leave behind toxic people and relationships;
  • strengthening and healing your boundaries;
  • stopping burn out patterns;
  • regaining self-esteem and self confidence;

And many, many more....



Photo - Roxana Valea
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Types of shamanic interventions

During the session, one or several of these processes will be used. The session starts with a discussion where I will listen to you presenting your issue and determine what processes and tools are appropriate for the intervention. Here are some examples of the processes that we use:

Photo - Fire

Rituals and ceremonies

Release what needs to be transformed in a fire ceremony, re-align though a depacho prayer or celebrate milestones with rites of passage. Ceremonies and rituals are the language the soul understands.

Photo - shamanic tools

Extractions and removals

Imprints of traumas live in our energy field causing various issues. Other energies might attach to our own. These processes clean your energy field and release whatever does no longer serve your journey.

Photo - dreamcatcher

Soul retrievals and illuminations

When trauma happens a part of our psyche splits up and goes into hiding. Shamans call this a loss of soul and journey for you in the realm of your unconsciousness to reclaim it and integrate it back into your energy.


"I had a few Shamanic energy medicine treatments over Skype with Roxana and was amazed at how effective they were. I felt the results immediately and powerfully as if my therapist was next to me. At the end of the sessions I felt a sense of clam and relaxation descending over me and over the following days I felt more grounded and my life more in balance. I would highly recommend the experience." Rosario - Argentina

"I had a number of individual Reiki and shamanic sessions with Roxana that proved to be greatly beneficial. She has an amazing energy there to support and help you understand what's holding you back." William - Norway

"As a shaman, Roxana Valea is the real deal and of course her resume, or CV, tells you that. I’ll admit I didn’t quite know exactly what I signed up for with Roxana’s coaching sessions. The secret to our success was trust and openness. From our first session to our last, Roxana proved herself, honing in on blocks stalling my next chapter. With seemingly magical rituals (that’s the  shaman part), Roxana fostered energy to identify, eradicate and 'coach' me to a deeper awareness of myself. Most definitely the real deal. Take the leap!" Cindi - USA

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