7 Steps to Your Personal Power

Embark on a personal transformation journey to find your personal power and use it to create the life that you dream of.

Easily influenced by the energy of others?

Often feeling tired and don't know why?

Want to increase self confidence and personal effectiveness?

This programme is for you!


What is Personal Power?

The quality of your life depends on the state of your energy.

Luck or fate has little to do with it. What you attract in your life matches the level of your energy. If you want to attract better people, situations or opportunities, work on your energy first.

We are all born with a certain amount of energy or life force. This energy is the fuel of manifestation, it's our most precious asset. Sometimes it may become depleted and then it cannot support us in manifesting our dreams. But just as it may decrease it may also increase with the help of the right techniques.

This course teaches you how to discover your personal power - your optimum level of energy - and use it to manifest the life that you want.

By the end of this program,

you will have…



    The increase of energy you will feel will be tangible and measurable in these four areas: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

    You will no longer be depleted by interacting with certain people and you will learn how to protect your energy.

    You will find it easier to take decisions and will trust your own instincts and intuition. You will learn how to listen to the deepest parts of you.

    You will develop a deep understanding of who you are, what you value and the type of life that is suitable for you.

    You will reconnect with your dreams and your passions and you will find new ways to include them into your life.

This programme is for you if:

  • You are committed to make the best out of your life.
  • You are feeling depleted and wish you had more energy do the things you love.
  • You want to design a life that is in accordance with the authentic you.
  • You are going though deep personal or professional transitions.
  • You are facing important decisions.
  • You want to stop procrastinating and finally take action.
  • You want to achieve a sense of purpose and self-determination.

What’s Inside "7 Steps to Your Personal Power" Online Course:

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Module 1 - Ground

In this module you will learn how to establish your connection to Mother Earth and how to use its energy in your day-to-day life. You will also learn to embody your energy and to discover your body power centres.

 What we'll cover:

- What does it mean to have presence?

- What is energy grounding?

- What impact does it have on our energy?

- How do we connect to the energy of the earth?

- How do we use grounding in our day to day life?

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Module 2 - Cleanse

In this module you will learn and practice different techniques for cleaning your energy field so that it stays in optimum condition. You will also learn what impacts your energy both positively and negatively and how you can best care for it.

 What we'll cover:

- How does the energy body work?

- What impacts our energy

- How to cleanse our energy

- What are energy cords and how to deal with them

- What we can cleanse and when

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Module 3 - Protect

In this module, you will learn about the energy gateways of the body and specific techniques to protect them. You will also learn how to protect yourself from energy vampires and psychic attack and how to establish healthy boundaries.

 What we'll cover:

- Principles of energy protection

- How to open and close our chakras

- Protection techniques

- How to deal with energy vampires

- Psychic attack what it is and how we can protect against it

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Module 4 - Know

In this module you will learn to work with your intuition. You will receive guidance and exercises to help you identify the voice of your intuition and establish an ongoing dialogue with this precious allay.

 What we'll cover:

- What is intuition and how does it work?

- Practices to develop your intuition

- Self-knowledge - the foundation of intuition

- Sources of Personal Power

- The soul detox programme

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Module 5 - Decide

In this module you will learn to identity the power of the decision moment and differentiate it from the energy of simply wishing for something to happen. You will also learn and practice various decision-making techniques.

 What we'll cover:

- The energy of the decision moment

- The power of intention

- Decision making techniques 

- Power vs force

- How to differentiate truth from illusion

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Module 6 - Direct

In this module you will learn to direct your energy towards your goals while at the same time staying open to receive. You will practise specific techniques and become comfortable embodying the energy needed for manifestation.

 What we'll cover:

- How does manifestation work?

- Principles of manifestation

- The most important creation forces

- Limiting beliefs and how to deal with them

- Doing vs receiving

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Module 7 - Reflect

In this module you will learn how to interpret the feedback life gives you and how to assess progress towards your goals. You will gain valuable insights into your own life that allow you to course correct and steer your life in the direction of your deepest dreams.

 What we'll cover:

- How to reflect

- The principles of reflection

- The traps of reflection

- Types of feedback and what to do with them

- Our highest destiny

Course Structure:



7 Modules in 7 Weeks   


Each module consists of:

  • One recorded video lesson (40-60 min). Total 7 recorded video lessons.
  • One downloadable audio meditation. Total 7 downloadable audio meditations.
  • Student's textbook and exercises.
  • Bonus: One recorded video that explains an ancient shamanic practice that helps with energy clearing and manifestation. 


All that's included in the standard offer PLUS

  • 7 live group Zoom practice and Q&A sessions (60 min each)


All that's included in the PLUS offer AND

  • 1 individual session for chakra clearing and rebalancing and resetting the flight or fight instinct (30 min)
  • 1 coaching session to adapt the practices of the course to your specific circumstances (60 min)



Always available!

7 recorded video lessons

7 downloadable audio meditations.

7 exercises and practices worksheets 

Bonus: One recorded video that explains an ancient shamanic practice that helps with energy clearing and manifestation. 





7 recorded video lessons

7 downloadable audio meditations

7 exercises and practices worksheets

Bonus: One recorded video that explains an ancient shamanic practice that helps with energy clearing and manifestation. 


7 live Q&A group Zoom sessions 

Not available




7 recorded video lessons

7 downloadable audio meditations

7 exercises and practices worksheets

Bonus: One recorded video that explains an ancient shamanic practice that helps with energy clearing and manifestation. 

7 live Q&A group Zoom sessions


1 individual session for chakra clearing and rebalancing and resetting the flight or fight instinct 

1 coaching session to adapt the practices of the course to your specific circumstances

Not available

What former students say:

Lilia Lari

I don't have enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation for you Roxana, for your Personal Power course and for everything that you offer. A lot of information, easy techniques, deep knowledge, ..... all these took me to another level. I have connected to and increased my personal power, and I am now able to live amazing, fascinating moments. I can’t stop thanking you, for all the light you have brought me!

Raluca Jackson

Thanks Roxana, the 7 weeks were amazing! Your course was a gift from the Universe and I found it easy to follow, very informative, with all the amazing meditation tools and exercises and your deep knowledge. Exactly what I needed. You were a source of knowledge, always calm and I felt your support to the end. I feel your passion to help people lead better lives. I feel blessed to have you in my life and I see the positive changes that are already happening.

Aura Patruca

Whenever I feel the need during the day, I practice what I learned in this course and it helps me anchor myself in the present moment, focus on myself, relax and look at things from another perspective. I liked a lot the live sessions for questions and clarifications. It was a great course with great techniques and explanations.

Daniel Leuca

Thank you very much for this course in which I discovered the power of techniques, clearly explained, techniques that clearly work. I have no doubt about that. Keep going, my trust in you is unlimited.

You will master the secrets of Personal Power in only 7 weeks

This course will teach you everything you need to know to be able to discover and increase your Personal Power so that you can use it to manifest the live that you dream of.

"You have power. You were born with it. You might not believe it because you were not taught to see it. Over the years you may have become accustomed to doing what others expect of you, to thinking that you have very little choice. You might have settled into a life that was less than amazing.

At times, you might have felt this power as a bubbling sensation deep within you, waiting to come to the surface. You might have wondered what it could do, where it could take you, if you just let it out. At other times you might have thought it had gone into hiding, or that it was maybe just sleeping under the surface of a normal life.
And yet it has always been there. Whether you feel it or not, it is still there, deep within you, waiting to be used.

Because no matter what you have done or not done in your life, what you have accomplished or where you have failed, you can always come back to the power you carry deep within you. Your energy, the power and wisdom you were born with which can take you anywhere you want to go."

Roxana Valea

Mindfulness Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner

Photo - Roxana Valea

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Your Trainer


As a coach and healer I believe in a blend of approaches. We are beings that function at different levels: physical, emotional, mental, energetic. For me, a comprehensive coaching approach needs to address all these aspects.



As a certified executive coach I work with clients in one to one sessions to determine how they can accelerate their progress, remove obstacles and build the life they want. These sessions address mostly the mental – emotional aspects: decision making, planning, unlocking motivation.

As a Reiki Master and energy medicine practitioner trained in the tradition of the Peruvian Q’ero shamans I work with clients at the energetic and soul level. Here change becomes much easier as energy imprints embedded in the energy fields of clients and the negative patterns they create get cleared.

As a passionate practitioner of mindfulness techniques I support clients in developing a practice of meditation and mindfulness exercises that help them conserve and expand their personal power.

Roxana Valea

Mindfulness Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner


7 Steps to Your Personal Power 

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