Whose voice is this?

Mar 03, 2020
Your mind
Your mind talks all the time. Sometimes it helps you see clearly the pros and the cons of a situation. It helps you synthesise concepts and analyse ideas. Other times in projects, it fabricates reality, it talks to you about the things it fears or the things it likes to worry about. Your mind is also influenced by the cultural or family conditioning you have assimilated. It will repeat things your parents told you when you were little, whether they were true or not. It will hold subconscious patterns, unresolved situations. It will attempt to compensate for not knowing by fabricating scenarios. It may also run repetitive thoughts until they become a program, a script that runs in the background of which you may not even be aware. Learn to discern the voice of your mind but know that it does not hold the ultimate truth.
Your heart
For a long time it was thought that listening to your heart equalled listening to your emotions. Emotions come and go and can be guides just as poor as the mind when it comes to knowing the reality. When we are happy, everything tends to be great. When we are sad, everything is bad. But your heart chakra is not only the centre of your emotions: it is also the holder of your own supreme knowledge. If you want to learn what is the real core of a situation, focus on your heart chakra and ask the question from there. See what answer comes back. Compare this answer to the one delivered by your mind.
Your guts
The gut feeling has been praised as an antidote to too much thinking. It connects you to your instincts. It can tell you instantaneously good from bad, right from wrong. Flight or fight. However, it can also get mixed up in emotions, in the past, unresolved patterns or situations. It can easily be polluted by fear, guilt and insecurity. It can also be heavily influenced by other people’s energy, since it is the location of the solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra and these are two favourite places for negative cords to develop. If you absorb other people’s emotions or thoughts, these are likely to reside in the gut, clouding your judgement. The gut feeling is a precious indicator but it’s not the only one to listen to.
Your body
Overall your body has valuable information for you. It will tell you when it feels comfortable with a certain situation and when it does not. If you go for an interview and your body automatically adopts defensive positions while you are talking to the people you are considering working with, listen to that feeling. It tells you no. If your body relaxes and feels pleasure when in certain places, with certain people, this is giving you information.
Knowing the voices of your body, your mind, your heart, your guts and the overall state of your energy helps you maintain and increase your power base. Again, just knowing is enough. Hold that thought, hold that awareness. You don’t necessarily need to do anything about it, not just yet. Connect to the power of that awareness before you decide to take any action.
And know that, when all of them are talking, you do not need to chose one over the other. You only need to create enough stillness inside you to hear what’s behind all this, your inner truth.

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