When the Veil Between the Worlds Is Thin

Oct 29, 2021

Halloween, All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead. For three days at the end of October and beginning of November the veil between the seen and unseen worlds gets very thin. But should we be afraid of vampires, ghosts and all sorts of characters that populate the traditional Halloween parties? Or is it rather an opportunity to celebrate life?

When the veil between the worlds gets thin, we have a greater access than ever to other dimensions, we can much better communicate with the invisible world. Not for the purposes of entertainment or sheer curiosity but to develop our awareness and consciousness.

I remember the day I fully understood the power of the unseen world. It was the same day I understood my own personal power. I had signed up for a weekend retreat called “Spirit Release” organised by the School of Intuition and Healing in London.  Little did I know what to expect. We travelled to the English countryside, somewhere in Somerset and checked in a beautiful countryside manor for the weekend. I had no idea that the house was haunted. We were told this just before we went to sleep, the first evening when we arrived. We were also told we would notice and maybe even witness strange things that night. That it was a wonderful opportunity to learn to exercise our personal power and that nothing – absolutely nothing – that did not belong to this world could touch us in any way if we didn’t let it. We were told that we are much more powerful than we ever thought and that this was the night when we would fully understand it. Then we were bid good night.

I remember my room happened to be in an annex – the former stables of the manor. The annex was separated from the main house by a thin stretch of forest and I had to cross it, in full darkness, alone, for about 10 minutes before I arrived to that building. After that good night speech, I was feeling full of terror. I felt presences everywhere and my mind started creating scenarios about what could happen. My room felt no better. I slept with the light on and the terror went on through the night even though I actually did not see or witness anything in particular. My own terror kept me awake.

And that was lesson number 1: Fear comes from the inside. We create our fear just like we create any other reality.

During the three days that I spent in the haunted house I learned many more lessons. And as I learned them, my terror for the unseen world slowly vanished away for good.

I learned that our power comes from life, the life that runs in our veins. No ghost or any entity that lives in another world can touch us or impact us without our permission. It does not matter if you’re in a haunted house or in the tranquillity of your own bed. You have enough power to shape your reality – the way you want it.

I also learned that the moments when the veil between the world is thin are to be used wisely. We can communicate to other worlds but nothing we can communicate is more important than sending love. And last year when I spent the Day of the Dead - November 2- in Mexico, I fully understand what a celebration of life this is. Yes, they commemorate the loved ones that have departed. Yes, they display skulls and bones everywhere. But the skulls are surrounded by flowers and the mood is of celebration not mourning. That’s because death is part of life and celebrating death actually means celebrating life. They connect to their loved ones who have departed for one purpose only – to send them love. And because the veil between the worlds is thin, their loved ones can actually feel this love, this joy, this force of life.

But above all, that weekend I learned about my personal power. That I have the power to create my reality, to quell my fears, to stay still even when my mind wants to create some drama. I learned that my personal power is rooted into one fundamental reality – my life. My personal power is the life force I carry within me that is always with me, waiting to serve. And in return I pledged to serve this life force with all that I am.

So, when the veil between the worlds gets thin again this year, think about how you want to celebrate your life. Your personal power. Your life force. Send love to your departed ones. Accept death as part of life. Let go of your fears of the unseen world. Stand up tall in your world, in your power and say hello to the other worlds. Send them love. It’s that time of the year when they all can really feel it.

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