What Impacts Our Energy?

May 26, 2020

We talked last week about energy cleansing. But why shall we do this in the first place? What is it that impacts our energy and how can we recognise these impacts? Here are four things to watch out for.

People The biggest impact on our energy comes from the people around us. They may sent parts of their energy to us, maybe trying to impress us, to make us like them, to influence us to do certain things. They have thought about us and their thoughts have impacted upon us. They experienced emotions relating to us and a part of those emotions lingered in our energy field. They talked to us or about us and the energy of those words is with us.

People impact the energy of other people constantly, with or without being aware of what they are doing. The expectations they have of you are real, powerful energies they send to you. Consciously or unconsciously, you pick them up and carry them with you, until you learn to choose what you keep and what you leave.

In the corporate environment, the impact of people’s energy is considerably higher than in everyday life. That’s because people depend on each other to make things happen, to launch projects, to deliver results, to get paid, to get a promotion, to get that bonus. In the corporate world people form alliances and break them, according to how their interests change; support each other and then turn against each other. Backstabbing and betrayals are common, but so is real support and teamwork. Competitors hope your new product line will not launch. This energy enters your field, particularly if you are directly involved with the new product line. A rival colleague secretly hopes your project will fail and his succeeds so that he gets the promotion and you don’t. The energy he sends enters your field. Your boss really needs to report a success back to the board and desperately hopes you manage to close that deal before the end of the quarter. His energy enters your field.

Whatever the reason and whatever the purpose, there is a massive shift of energies among people working or living in the same environment and you are likely to be significantly impacted, whether you are aware of it or not.

Places The environment we live and work in has a massive impact on our energy. If the building where we go to work every day used to be a prison in the past, it will still carry the energy of all those imprisoned there. If it does not have enough sunlight and no fresh air, its energy will become stagnant and it will impact the energy of the people working there. If the meeting room you just entered happened to host a very aggressive debate just an hour before, it will still carry that energy and likely it will impact the participants in the next meeting even if they are unaware of it. If your neighbours quarrel and you hear them regularly, it's likely that residues of the negative energy they create will stay with you.

Energy discharged into a space will stay there for a while and will impact the energy of whoever passes by that space unless they are aware and protected.

Thoughts Remember, energy follows thought. Our own thoughts will highly impact our own energy, as well as that of people we direct them to. If we think we will fail, we are programming ourselves to do so. If we worry we’ll be late, we are increasing our chance of being late. If we genuinely want someone to succeed, we are sending them an energy load that will actually help them succeed. Minute after minute and hour after hour, our thoughts generate energy no matter how quickly they pass through our head. Becoming aware of what we are generating for us and for others is one of the most empowering tools we can use.

The body The food we eat, the quality of our sleep and the health of our body will impact our energetic field. A body that moves creates high vibration. A body that sits on a chair the whole day will make the energy stagnant. Food that nurtures us raises our energy. Lack of sleep depletes it. Day after day, each and every decision we make about our body impacts the level of energy we are producing and hence the amount of energy we have available to create the life that we want. People who are habitually not fully living in their bodies tend to be less aware of the impact these choices have on their body. But once you connect with your body, you are likely to improve the quality of decisions you make about food, sleep or exercise. Your body will tell you what it needs and once you listen, you cannot ignore it any longer.

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