Truth vs Illusion

Mar 10, 2020
We hold illusions dear and we cling to them because they promise us a better version of reality. It’s like a shortcut. Don’t worry about doing the hard work, they say: just follow us. We will deliver you what you want and it will be ok.
Illusions arise in us to cover for the lack of awareness. When we are not in touch with a part of ourselves, or are not aware of it, we usually build an illusion as a quick patch-up. If I am bad at relationships and I find only the wrong guys to date, I build up the illusion that one day I will meet Mr. Right. This illusion saves me from the hard work I have to do to confront my own relationship patterns. If I am not good at managing my energy and constantly allow energy vampires to feed off me, I am building an illusion in my mind that somewhere out there is the perfect job for me, with the perfect boss who, for a change, will not bully me. This illusion serves the purpose of helping me avoid looking at my own energy management patterns. We build illusions that life will give us what we want and we paint these illusions in bright colours and hang on to them with enough power to strangle an elephant. But guess what? When these illusions show their true colours, which inevitably they will because they are simply the fabrication of our minds with no support in reality, we get seriously blown off our feet. We become hurt, angry and desperate. We fight with the last of our strength not to let an illusion go. Why do we do this?
Because illusions hurt when they go. A part of us dies with them. That’s the part that created them in the first place.
Truth, on the other hand, does not hurt. Truth always feels right, feels light. When something is true and we allow ourselves to feel that vibration, we recognise this feeling. It’s got an ‘it’s ok’ quality around it. This is valid even for truths that might feel emotionally painful at first.
Once we recognise the truth in a situation we are able to accept it, even if it triggers a response of emotional pain at first. With acceptance, that pain dissipates. For instance, we may terminate a romantic relationship that was true, where love was real, and feel sad but light and ready to let it go at the same time. We may feel emotional pain when it ends but not the desperation, the clinging, the need to make it work at all costs. This does not happen when an illusory romantic relationship ends, where the love was not genuine. We fight and we plead and we hurt and we cling on then, because it’s the very illusion we have created that we don’t want to let go of.
Truth never dies. It simply transforms itself into another truth. What is true about you will always be there. What is true about a situation will carry on being true. It carries a vibration that we all instinctively recognise in our hearts: it’s the vibration of reality.

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