The Power of Intention

Jul 07, 2020

If energy follows thought, it means that what we focus on is where we will go to. And how do we chose what to focus on? We use the power of intention.

Intention is a thought, a desire. Something like, “I want to feel passionate about the work that I do.” Or “I want to learn to play tennis.” Or “I want to be able to speak Chinese.” It can be anything you decide to bring into your life. This intention that you formulate in your mind, like all thoughts, has energy. When the intention is set consciously, this energy can hold amazing power. We ground, cleanse and protect our energetic field with the help of our intention. The changes in our energy are real even though they are set in motion only by our thoughts and imaginations.

A dancer waits in silence for the music to start but already has an intention to dance. When the sound comes, she lets her body flow effortlessly. Similarly, our decisions will spring from the state of stillness we have allowed to gather inside us and they will move us effortlessly into our life dance. And the moment of our decision-making is like the first note of the tune. It’s the moment when stillness becomes action.

Similarly, an intention we hold as a thought in our minds can bring about real opportunities in our lives. But these opportunities will need to be taken and for this we need a decision. If there is a strong enough link between the intention we form and the knowledge we have accumulated, the opportunities we are offered to turn our intention into reality will arise naturally and we will feel comfortable making the required decisions.


Here's a hypothetical example:


I have an intention to feel passionate about the job that I do.

I have accumulated enough knowledge inside to tell me what type of work I enjoy doing and what I don’t.

I know I work well with people and like to travel.

I also happen to have an intention to see the world.

I also really love ancient history.

I am aware that I would love to have a job that would allow me to travel and see the world rather than work on spreadsheets as an analyst in the marketing department.

I have no idea how ancient history could be linked to all this but I keep the knowledge that this is something I would love to be connected to.

I now start to talk about my intention with the people around me, I go on the internet and search for what type of jobs are out there that will allow me to travel the world and meet new people.


Maybe I don’t try to link anything to ancient history just yet. For a while, nothing happens, but I keep on strengthening the link between my intention to feel passionate about my job and my knowledge of what it is I enjoy in a job. One day a friend tells me about an opportunity to work as a tour guide in Rome. Wow, this job could potentially have it all, I think.


But it will be something totally different from what I do today and change is always scary. Will I be able to do it?

Will I actually like it?

Will I be all right moving to a different country?

What if it’s a mistake?


I look at the phone number my friend has passed me and I wonder whether I should call and apply for an interview or not. This is the moment of my decision. The intention was there, the knowledge was there and the opportunity came. But it could all mean nothing without my decision to dial that number.

Intentions can be old or new. Some intentions have been with you all your life and yet never led to anything. Maybe you always wanted to speak Spanish but you never learned it. That’s ok. Their time will come. On one condition though: that you hold that intention consciously in your mind. Other intentions may be more recent, they might just pop up in your mind. Whether old or new, accept them consciously, feel them; own them; hold them and then let them go.

Why let them go? Because for an intention to be able to manifest, we have to let it go out there in the world. We have to give up the attachment we feel to it. We have to detach ourselves from the outcomes. If we don’t, if we obsess about it day and night, what we are doing is actually holding on to it and stopping it from going out into the world. Remember, energy follows thought. Release your intentions by not thinking about them all the time. Trust that your intention will manifest in reality without you constantly, obsessively thinking about it. Your intention, released into the world, will set in motion powerful wheels that will bring opportunities for that intention to become reality. And when the opportunity presents itself, you still have one more step to take. You have to make a decision.

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