The Illusion of the Wrong Choice

Sep 15, 2020

We agonize so much over making decisions. We do this because of the paralyzing fear of making the wrong one. How much more peace would we gain in our lives if we knew for sure there was no such thing as a wrong choice?

If we think of life as being a path we walk in order to learn, everything that happens to us, everything that we do or don’t do, supports that learning. If a part of us feels we can benefit from an experience, we will choose it. The more conscious we are, the more conscious this choice will be, and the easier it will be for us to accept the consequences. But even if we choose unconsciously, a part of us is always there to make the choice and it will do so for our greatest good.

Because everything that happens to us is there to serve us.

The bad things as well? Yep. The people who hurt us? Especially them. The wrong choices we make? Definitely. The problems we run into? Yes, them too.

Everything in our life is there because it serves us. One way or another, it helps us grow.

As we learn these lessons, we change the reality around us and a different set of situations and lessons present themselves to us. Sometimes the same situation will come back even when we have learned the lesson. Why is this happening? We are being tested. It’s like a final exam. The universe says, “Ok, you have learned that lesson, but let’s just see if you remember it well.” And then we get a test. It’s ok. It does not mean we are back to square one. It simply means we are being asked for a confirmation that we have learned a lesson.

When we look at life through these lenses, we stop seeing things as right or wrong, good or bad. We stop stressing about making the wrong decisions. All we need to do is live consciously; look after our own energy and honour what arises in us.


And the rest will take care of itself.

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