Receiving vs. Doing

Jul 21, 2020

What we get in life does not depend on what we try to make happen. It depends on how much we can receive.

We receive if we allow ourselves to do so; that is, if we question any limiting inherited or learned beliefs that tell us differently. We receive because we set the intention to do so. And most importantly, we receive through the state of our energy.

A person with a high energy vibration will be open to receiving more than a person with a low energy vibration. It sounds simplistic, but in order to achieve more, we need to cultivate our ability to receive more. Here are 9 ways you can do this:

  1. Keep your physical energy high. The foods you eat, the sleep patterns you follow, the exercise you do, the health of your body, the medication or drugs you take: all these will impact the quality of your physical energy.

  2. Keep your mental energy high. Think positively, declutter your mind, maintain an attitude of curiosity and excitement towards life, learn new things, keep a check on your mental chatter.

  3. Keep your emotional energy high. Do the things you love doing and do them often. Follow your passions, celebrate your successes, share your love.

  4. Keep your spiritual energy high. Meditate, feel your connection to the universe on a daily basis, be grateful, develop your spiritual practices and follow them.

  5. Practice grounding, cleansing, and protecting your energy regularly.

  6. Ask for external help when you feel you need it.

  7. Surround yourself with people who nourish your energy.

  8. Chose to be in places that increase your energy.

  9. Live your inner truth and express it often.

The more conscious we become of the quality of our energy vibration and the more we increase it, the more we are able to receive. And the more we are open to receiving, the more we will attract into our lives. This applies to all forms of energy: money, love, success, achievement, you name it.

As you focus on opening up to receiving, watch out also for these common limiting beliefs that tend to get in the way:

  • Low self-esteem; feeling like we don’t deserve good things.

  • Self-doubt – “it doesn‘t work that way” type thoughts.

  • An inherited or learned belief that life is difficult.

  • Conscious or unconscious attachment to the ‘hard work is good’ concept.

  • Loyalty towards your parents or family, especially if you come from a background involving struggle. This is a very strong one. If you love your parents very much and if they had to struggle all their life to make ends meet, it will feel like a huge subconscious betrayal if you can effortlessly achieve what you want in your life.

  • Fear of success that leads to self-sabotage. Ask yourself if you are actually afraid to succeed.

  • Clinging on to illusions. Often we stop receiving because if we do, we will lose an illusion we have created and held on to.

  • Clinging on to the past. In order to receive the new in your life, it is essential to let go of the old.

  • The trap of ‘not yet ready’ when we feel we still have one more thing to learn, to finish off before we can actually enjoy the life that we want. This is a form of self-sabotage.

  • Fear of losing connection. As you start receiving more in your life, you will lose those who are not yet able to do so. Your success and ease will become intolerable for someone who is not yet able to manifest these in their life. Accept this and let them go. Don’t cling on to people, situations, or patterns just because they were good for you in the past.

As you consciously let go of the limiting beliefs and focus on increasing your energy - or personal power - you will find that you are able to receive more and struggle less. Trust this when it happens.

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