Principles of Manifestation

May 12, 2020

Before things happen, they have already happened in energy form. Before something is visible in our lives, we have already attracted it – we attracted it a long time before it came. We did so through the power of our intentions and the state of our energy.

As we become more comfortable with the concept of effortless manifestation in our lives, it is important to keep in mind some key principles on how to make this happen.


Keep it effortless


Whenever you feel like you are starting to struggle, stop. Take a deep breath; take a look at what you are doing and how you are doing it. Don’t look at what others do or don’t do, look at what you are doing. Sometimes it is easier to think that we struggle because others make us struggle. Turn your attention to what you are doing. This is often enough to stop the impulse to struggle. One of the best definitions I heard for this principle is “When you struggle, it means you are not doing it right.” Stop and look at how you can do it better. When it starts feeling effortless, you’re on the right track again.


Keep it clear


Be clear about what you want and you will get it. Sharpen your intention. Be specific about what you want but be open as to how this is presented to you. Being clear is about having a clear picture of how you will feel when it happens and what it will bring into your life.


Keep it open


At the same time, keep it open. You don’t need to worry about how this is going to happen, what step twenty-five will look like and how long it will take. Simply send your intentions out there and keep yourself open. If you always thought your perfect job was in Italy, be open to a different alternative. Maybe it comes from Spain instead. If you always thought your perfect match would have blue eyes, be open to considering brown eyes as well. Maintain clarity about what you want to attract in your life but be open as to how you get to that overall feeling.


Keep it alive


Feel it, see it, imagine it. Want it. Feel the joy of it. Want it but do not become obsessed by it. That is because obsession creates blocks and pushes the object of your desire even further away. Let yourself feel how much you want it but without clinging on to it. Just give yourself permission to feel the joy this will bring into your life.


Keep it honest


When you try to follow other people’s scripts for what you should have in your life, it will simply not work. What you attract will be based on their energy and filled with their conscious or unconscious desires. Not yours. Keep your desires personal. Originate them from within yourself and be honest about what you truly want.


Keep it playful


Don’t take yourself too seriously. Just imagine this is a game and you are playing. Take the pressure off. If it does not come to you, it’s still ok. Worry will lower your vibration and your attraction capability. Stay away from pushing, forcing or any form of desperation. Stay away from trying too hard, from treating it like a matter of life and death. Keep it light, keep it tranquil, keep it playful. Remember that even the Dalai Lama likes to tell jokes.


Let it go


Play with it for a while then let it go. Just release it to the universe. If you cling to it, it will not be able to leave, and if it does not leave it cannot come back as real. It will forever stay in the dream state. This is another paradox: what we most desire will only come to us once we let it go. Trust this as you do so.

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