Power vs Force

Feb 19, 2020
A healthy decision is effortless. Not powerless, but effortless. It has no force but it has power. We do not force it upon ourselves and we do not let anyone force it on us either. A healthy decision naturally emerges from the stillness in us, from the knowledge we have created, from our power base. A healthy decision feels easy, makes our body relax and usually flows towards implementation naturally. A healthy decision makes us feel joy, freedom, expansion and anticipation. Things in the outside world open up for us when we make a healthy decision. A healthy decision connects us to the world and makes us feel we are part of it. A healthy decision feels just like this: healthy. It will bring us energy.
A forced decision, on the other hand, will lack true power; it will be powerless. It will make your body cringe and close up. It will induce feelings of panic, of terror, of worry and dread. It will make you feel sad. It will make you want to justify your decision continuously, to yourself and to the others around you. It will constantly spark doubts and second thoughts. A forced decision is not necessarily a wrong decision in itself. It might be the right decision at the wrong time. Maybe it was too early for it. Maybe you were not ready for it yet. This in itself makes it a forced decision, and hence not a healthy one. A forced decision will need pushing and accommodating and will require large amounts of energy to take, maintain and implement. A forced decision depletes our energy.
When we force things to come our way, we don’t enjoy them. We instinctively feel this is not what we are after. This happens because the amount of energy we spend during this process is far greater than the energy we get from the outcome. In the end it’s not about what comes to us. It’s about how it comes.
We force decisions sometimes because of the need to control reality. We feel we should do this or that and we talk ourselves into it. Or because we are not yet in touch with our power base and we don’t trust it to show us the healthy decision.
Know when you are acting connected to your power base and when you’re simply forcing. Learn to recognize the difference and chose power over force. Everytime.

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