Living in the Flow

Aug 11, 2020

The only time that can sustain the flow of life is the present. Do you dream of flowing easily through life and stepping out of struggle? Focus on the here and now!

When we live in the moment, we live in the flow. Flow does not happen if we are not living in the present. Flow cannot happen in the past. The past is stuck, it has already happened, it has a form and a shape, it is fixed, it does not flow. It can also not happen in the future. The future does not exist yet so it cannot flow. The flow can only happen in the present, in the moment that brings you one thing at a time, one step at a time, one decision at a time, and one outcome at a time.

Live each moment, each thing, and each step as they come, enjoy them, express whatever is trying to come up through you, honour the things that come to you, take them, live them. And then let them go if they want to go. Only when you do so will other things come. It’s part of the flow.

Living in the flow takes us effortlessly towards living our dreams. When this happens, it will feel disappointing initially. This is because bringing a dream into reality makes that dream lose its alluring but unachievable shine. Making it real means covering it with a bit of dust. It’s ok. Let the idealized dream go. And enjoy the dusty version of it. It’s the real one.

What’s the purpose of it all, you may wonder. Why do I have dreams? Why do I even try to achieve them? Why do I try to achieve anything?

Because things are waiting to come into this world and they can only do so through us. New concepts, new interpretations, new discoveries, new understandings, an increase of consciousness. A new book, a new baby, a new company. A new piano concert. A dance that touches the hearts of many who watch it and possesses enough beauty to help those people get in touch with the beauty they hold locked in their own hearts.

Whatever is trying to come up through you in this life, trust it and let it out. Once you find your way and live your flow, you will not fight it any longer, you will simply express it. And then let it go. Move on so that you can express the next thing that tries to come up through you. Don’t get stuck. Remember to flow.

A manager will do this through the projects he will manage; an entrepreneur through the companies he will build. An executive who is in the flow and who works for a big company has the potential to touch the lives of many. If he or she comes from a place of personal power and inner peace, they will have a positive impact. On the other hand, an executive in a position of power in a company that does not have a grip on his own personal power will bring low vibration and low energy into the world. His deeds will impact negatively upon his environment and the people around him.

In the end, it is as simple as this. Find your power. Live it. Flow with it. And then let everything else that wants to flow through you come into this world.

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