Indicators of Truth

Mar 24, 2020

After dealing with illusions and recognising them for what they are, it's time to focus on truth. Here are some universal indicators of truth that we can rely on.




Stillness comes from that place in you that knows. Through stillness you have access to your highest inner wisdom. If your decision rises from that place, like a wave that comes naturally from the bottom of the sea, it will have power and it will draw it from the still sea of knowledge you have built in yourself. When in doubt, just check and see what rises in you, and ask yourself if this comes from a place of stillness or from a place of turmoil. Feel your emotions, express them, talk to your mind, listen to it. Then let it all go and wait in stillness. And when stillness speaks, trust its voice.




Things that are good for us feel easy. Yes, this might go against the concept of hard work, but it’s true. Decisions that are obviously good for us are easy to make. Activities that we’re good at are easy to do. Concepts that we are genuinely interested in are easy to assimilate. Our passions feel easy to follow even if they actually require considerable investment in terms of time and effort. Trust the feeling of ease when it arises within you. Don’t confuse this with the feeling of laziness. While laziness feels heavy and static, ease feels fluid and light. Trust it.




Joy is the deepest indicator of truth in our lives. Joy is the feeling we experience when we follow our passions. Joy is the feeling we experience when we deliver a piece of work we are

very proud of. Joy is what points in the direction that is the best possible way for us. When a decision brings you instant and inexplicable joy, simply trust the feeling.




Good things that come to us simply happen. Often we have not tried hard to get them, we have not struggled for them. They effortlessly came to us. When you feel the flow in your life, trust it. See where it leads you. When a random phone call leads to an unexpected meeting which leads to a job offer, trust what this flow brings into your life. The best job does not necessarily need to come at the end of a long and painful application process. The best opportunities flow to us and this flow usually works in our best interests.


Use these as barometers to indicate the level of truth in any situation or decision. And when they all point in the same direction, trust what you are being shown is true.

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