How to Protect Your Energy

Jun 30, 2023

Your energy is the most precious thing you have. Look after it. The following fragment from my book "Personal Power - Mindfulness Techniques for the Corporate World" describes a few meditation techniques you can use to make sure your energy stays stays high.

When we leave home we lock the door. We don’t leave our expensive jewellery lying around. We don’t let our small kids alone on a playground. We delete spam emails and when we ride a motorbike, we put a helmet on.

We do this out of a sense of self-protection. We instinctively feel responsible for protecting our bodies, our health, our families, our reputation, and our possessions.

It’s the same with our energy. Just like our body or our possessions, it is vulnerable and can be harmed by others. And, just like everything else that we look after, it can be protected.

Protection comes out of a sense of self-respect, not fear. We don’t think of burglars every time we lock our front door. We do this because we respect our home and its contents and we want other people to respect it too. We do this because we want to retain the right to decide which people we allow in and which people we don’t. Similarly, we don’t think of a car crash every time we put our seatbelts on. We do it because we respect our bodies and we also do it without thinking too much. It has become an automatic routine and it’s there to protect our body, just in case we need it.

Similarly, protecting our energy effectively is not done out of fear and with the worst of consequences in mind. It’s grounded in self-respect and it can become an automatic routine, just like putting a seatbelt on before driving.

Protecting your energy does not need an extensive meditation session, it can be done quickly and with practice, it can become second nature.

But what do we protect our energy from? We protect it from any negative impact it may receive. This can come from other people’s energy that might have entered our energy field, their moods, emotions, thoughts and intentions even when they have nothing to do with us. Or it can come from cords other people might have sent us. Or from being drained by an energy vampire. Or from any form of low energy that might be present in a space.

There are many types of protection techniques and the list below is just for your reference. As with everything that has to do with your energy, it is important for you to find your own way to do it. Experiment with some of the ideas below and see what works for you and what doesn’t. If you come up with a different symbol or visualisation that works better for you, that’s perfect. Just use that.

All methods below can be added to your routines for grounding, cleansing and closing your chakras. And with all these methods, the most important thing is to hold the intention to protect yourself and to believe that whatever you have done works for you.

Protective cloak

Imagine being dressed in a long cloak of protective light. It can be any colour you choose. Envision it covering your arms and its hood covering your head. Imagine the hem of the cloak touching the earth. Feel the material on your skin. Feel it moving as you move. Feel its weight on your shoulders. Know that it will protect you from any unwanted energies.

Gold edge around your aura

Imagine your energy field all around you like a bubble of white light about the size of your outstretched arms around your body. See the edges of this bubble coated in thick layers of gold. See this layer as strong and impenetrable. See it shining. See it reflecting back into the universe any unwanted energies that come towards you. As you see this, form the intention that any unwanted energies reflected back into the universe are changed into positive energy. This is because we don’t want to send anything bad into the world even if this is a simple reflection of what came to us.

Armours, shields, helmets

These are variations of the cloak method described above. You can dress yourself in imaginary armours, hold shields, put on a helmet, or a protective overall, whatever takes your fancy. If you can visualise it, just do that. If you find it difficult, try to sense it. If you are not sure you can either sense or visualise it, just think about it.


These can be used as a variation of the shield of gold described above or as a top-up. You can imagine the edge of your aura made of mirrors, reflecting the energy that comes to you back into the universe. Hold the intention to reflect back anything that is negative for you and change it into positive energy as it gets reflected. Don’t worry about how this is done. Just keep this thought in your mind. Also, hold the intention that anything that is positive for you will find its way to you.

A bubble of white light

Imagine a bubble of white light all around you and imagine it keeps you clean and protected. This is useful especially when you have to interact with energy vampires. Imagine the other person also in their own bubble of white light and see the clear demarcation between your bubbles. Keep them separate. If you feel like it, you may add another layer of colour on top of your bubble of white light. Do so especially if you feel attracted to a specific colour. If it comes to your mind, it means your energy needs the vibration of that colour at that time.

The most important thing with all these methods is your firm intention to protect yourself from any kind of negative energy, from wherever it may come and in whatever way it may show up. Hold this thought as you pick your method and as you develop your own. Remember that energy follows thought so just maintaining this intention in your mind will be enough to deliver a layer of protection to your energy field.

Our auras, the energy fields all around us, will give us naturally a certain degree of protection from these negative intrusions. But sometimes our auras get weakened. Lack of sleep, negative emotions, sickness, stress, alcohol, pollution, drugs and medicines can weaken our energy fields and inevitably our level of protection. While a light top-up will be enough when your aura is strong and clear, you may find that you need to do a lot more when you feel depleted. Follow your impulse as you imagine your chosen method of protection.

Protect your energy on a daily basis as a routine practice and top up your protection when you feel the need to. Gradually your energy will become stronger and you will need less intense visualisation to achieve a comfortable level of protection.

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