How to Develop Your Intuition

Jun 23, 2020

Most of us agree that intuition is a precious ally. But what can we do when it's a little rusty and the messages it sends seem confusing? Here are a few exercises to help you get back in shape:

Sense people and situations before you experience them Practise tuning into someone’s energy or to the energy of a situation and read what this is all about. Practise reading the energy of people, tuning in to what they don’t tell you and what is important for you to know. Practise reading the energy of a work situation. Does this deal want to be closed? Where is the obstacle? Trust the knowledge that comes out of this exercise. Before you answer the phone, ask yourself what this call is about. Don't try to guess. Simply ask the question and stay open for a second or so. If you receive something back, a thought or an image, notice it. if not don't, don't worry. The simple fact that you asked the question will help you get further.

Test your impulses Once you have an impulse to do or not to do something, notice it. Remember to go back and revisit what this message was, once the situation unfolds. Did you feel like you should have been doing something which you did not do, and later found out it would have been better for you if you had listened to that voice? Or the opposite? This exercise will help you understand when it’s the voice of intuition you are hearing and when it's something else (such as a wish, an illusion, a fear, or someone else's influence). Intuition will always be right.

The water exercise Pour water into the sink or a bowl. Dip your hand into it and play with it. Keep your mind empty. Draw circles, shapes or lines. Focus on it while remaining relaxed. As you do this let your inner knowledge rise in you. See what images or thoughts you receive. Again, don't force them. Simply remain open and willing to play.

The piece of paper exercise Think of a situation. Then take a piece of paper and crumple it in your hand. Straighten it again then examine it for a while; examine the lines and the crumples, the designs it comes up with. Touch it and take it all in. As you do this, let your inner knowing rise in you. See what images, what thoughts come to you about the situation you wish to resolve as you look at the crumpled piece of paper in your hand.

Pay attention to your dreams Practice remembering your dreams. It can be handy to keep a pen and paper by your bed to write them down first thing after you wake up, before they vanish. Don’t consciously try to make sense of them, just remember them. See what feelings they stir in you, where they point to. Give them a place in your consciousness and let the message they have for you become clear. Remember to ask the question and wait for the answer.

Write Writing is an excellent tool for developing your intuition. Take a blank piece of paper, think of a situation, person, issue or whatever you want to work with, and start to write. Start with not knowing how you are going to continue and what you will be writing about. Just put down on paper all that you know about the person or situation on which you wish to focus. The more you write, the more inner knowledge will make itself available to you.


These are only some suggestions on how to start to exercise your intuition muscles. Remember, energy follows thought. The more we focus on our intuition, in whatever way we do it, the more and more clearly it will speak to us.

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