How to Clean Your Energy

May 19, 2020

These days we talk so much about washing hands and maintaining everything around us sparkling clean. But how about your energy? Just like your body, your energy may benefit from a thorough cleanse too!

Before we attempt to clean our energy it is essential that we first become aware of its state. How do we feel, physically and emotionally? How do we feel in certain places, with certain people? How do we feel at different times during the day and what's happening around us?


Become aware of when you feel good and when you don’t, even if you have no explanation. Become aware if all of a sudden you feel low on energy. Before you reach out for that cup of coffee or snack, just become aware of it. Tell yourself “I am feeling my energy going down right now“. You may already know why. That’s great. If you don’t know why, just notice it.

Noticing gives us power. It’s the most important step. If we know what's going on, we can do something about it. If we don’t, we have no chance. Noticing helps even if we don’t do something about it immediately. Sometimes all we need is a good night’s sleep. Some other times though, we need a little bit more.

There are many methods to cleanse our energy field and each will appeal to certain individuals. Here are three of them. Experiment with these techniques and see what works for you.

The disk of white light Imagine a disk of white light coming from the centre of the earth, right from the place where you connected your roots, coming up and travelling through and around your body from your feet up to your head and then lifting up into the sky and going as high as it can until it dissolves into white light. This disk cleans all impurities inside and around your body and dissolves them into white light. Then, imagine a disk of white light above your head, about as wide as your body with your arms stretched out. Bring it down this time, pass it through and around your body starting with your head and ending with your feet, and visualise how it gathers all impurities, all negativities, all that needs to leave your body. Then send the disk to the centre of the earth and imagine burning it there. As you do this, hold the intention that its energy gets transmuted into beneficial energy for the earth.

The body scan Scan your body, starting with the top of your head. Feel the skin on your skull. Bathe it in white light, relax it, see and feel it relaxing. Continue with your hair, your skull, your forehead, your eyes, inside and out, until you visualise your eyelids relaxed and bathed in white light; your ears, your nose, your cheeks. Continue with your neck, your shoulders, your right arm up to the tips of our fingers, your left arm. Go down your body piece by piece and mentally relax, stretch and cleanse each part of your body using white light. Then go inside and do the same with the internal organs. Stay with each part until you feel it relax. Try to feel each part as you visualise it and see the white light that cleanses and bathes it. When you reach your toes, end with a quick shower of white light.

The white light shower This method is quick and it works great for when you have not got a lot of time. Imagine yourself under a shower of pure white light. Feel how it cleanses you, how it washes away any negativity that might reside in your energy. See all energy dirt going down a drain. Keep the shower going until you feel light and clean.


Remember, the most important things are your awareness and intention. Learn to recognise when your energy needs a cleanse. And as you practice with different visualisation techniques, maintain a firm intention to clean it. And trust that what you're doing will be enough.

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