How intuition works

Feb 04, 2020
Intuition is the sum of your knowledge. It is everything concentrated in one pot. The signs given to you by your body, the state of your energy, the feelings in your guts, the thoughts in your mind, the signs you receive from outside.
Intuition is not just one of the voices inside you. It does not operate in either /or scenarios. It does not exclude, deny or reject. It's the sum of all the voices. It includes, unifies and accepts all parts of you. It does not push, it rather allows.
Intuition gives you shortcuts. You may be a highly trained management consultant with your laptop full of models, tools and analysis frameworks. You may walk into a company and take all these models out and conduct thousands of analyses and questionnaires. You may eventually find out what the issue really is.
Or you can sit down, have a coffee with the head of the department you are tasked with investigating and ask her to talk to you. About whatever she chooses. About how work is going, what her worries are, what keeps her awake at night. Where does she stumble? Just listen to her and if your intuition is developed enough and you are accustomed to recognising and trusting its voice, you will pick up the key issues from that one conversation. You can then do your analysis, use your frameworks and models and present them in a way that coincides with the rational approach dominant in our corporations. But the intuition would have saved you a lot of effort in getting there.
We each have different tolerance levels when it comes to intuition, and different levels of trust in its voice. Before we try to deepen our trust, however, it is important to hear it when it talks.
Intuition does not shout. It talks to you calmly. It does not get angry when you don’t listen to its voice. It simply stays there, patiently waiting. Intuition is quiet, calm, balanced. When you have a burning desire to do something it can mean a lot of things, but it’s likely not the voice of intuition. Intuition comes in clearly and quietly, says what is has to say and then gives you the free option to listen to it or not. Intuition can be ignored if you so choose, but inevitably you will remember the voice once you have made the wrong decision.
Intuition comes from your personal power and it’s the sum of all the knowledge in you. Honour it and respect it. By doing so, you respect your own power.

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