Flowing vs Being Stuck

Feb 25, 2020
Effortless manifestation has one clear indicator: it flows. Things come to us and they flow, one thing leading to another and then another. When this flow occurs in your life, don’t be afraid to go with it. It will usually give you little visibility on the steps ahead.
Those obsessed with control will distrust this flow because they cannot see all the coming steps. This is exactly the point. True flow does not come with any reassurance. It does not come with full visibility. Step two happens after you take step one. Step three does not even exist. It will be created as you take step one and become visible to you after you take step two. When you try to force seeing the things ahead, it will stop the flow.
If you get a phone call and someone offers you a new job that feels somehow unbelievably perfect for you, be open. I am not saying jump on it immediately but be open to exploring it. Stay with this feeling for a few days to see if it’s authentic. See if it’s real. Excitement comes and goes and illusion is often fuelled by momentary excitement. Joy, on the other hand, which is an indicator of truth, is stable. The joy you feel at the thought of a new job will be with you the moment you receive the call and the same joy will still be intact a few days later. Have the patience to check if the feeling is real. If it is, flow with it. Agree to meet, explore, discuss. Visit their offices. Ask to be sent the job description in writing. Make it real. Take one step at a time and follow this flow. Don’t skip stages. Don’t just walk into your office and resign that very same afternoon. But do take steps: put one foot in front of the other and the path will be shown to you.
The state of flow comes to us but if we don’t follow it, it drains away. The state of flow by itself cannot make things happen for us. It will show up when we have developed our energy to a high enough vibration that we start to resonate with it. But we will only follow it when we have developed our internal power to a deep enough level to trust it.
When we don’t follow the flow, we get a sense of being stuck. This has very little to do with the circumstances of your external life. You may be doing the same job for ten years and still feel you are in a continuous flow. Or you may change job every six months and still feel you are stuck in a pattern of constant job- changing.
Feeling stuck is not about what happens out there. It’s a feeling you experience when the fear in you prevents you flowing. When you have said no to an opportunity that came to you simply because you were afraid of the unknown, this feeling of being stuck will shoot up and it will usually be accompanied by sadness. You will try to wash it away, to rationalise your decision, and if all fails you will try to cover it up with whatever you can: alcohol, drugs, too much work, keeping busy, going out. But the unease will still be with you, and it will tell you the winds of flow came to you and you said no to them.
In our hearts, we always know when this happens.

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