Finding Your Way

Jun 16, 2020

Many of us have been thinking at one point or another: Am I walking on my path? How do I know? And if not, how do I find my own way?

Finding your way is not an action, it is a state. It’s the state of knowledge. You might have found your way even before you actually live it. Once it becomes clear in you, it already exists and it will appear in reality eventually. Similarly, a book exists before it is actually written. When the energy of the book gathers and becomes clear in the writer’s mind, the book already exists. Its energy imprint has taken shape. It is then only a matter of time until it will manifest in the real world.

All things that come to be, first are. They exist in an energy field. This energy field is the same one that holds your inner knowledge, your intuition, your own wisdom. The question then becomes how do we reach and maintain a level of inner power and clarity that allows us to access this state of knowledge? Because it is this inner wisdom that will help you shape the energy blueprint of who you are and what your life is all about.


Once your energy is cleansed, grounded and protected, it will give you a sacred space where you can just be; where - free from external interference - you can get to know yourself, your deepest desires and passions. You will become more receptive to what the Universe is trying to tell you. Gradually you will trust your intuition more and you will build your own knowledge.

This process takes time. If you are starting from a place of energy depletion or if your own energy field has been loaded with negative vibrations, it will take time to build up your reservoirs to the level where you generate, gather and synthesise all the knowledge that is available to you. It will take time for your energy to increase to the level needed to support you in creating the life you want.

Just be patient and give it time. How long? Many years ago I came across one of the best descriptions of the concept of time I have encountered in my life. It came from West Africa. The people there say that it takes as long as it lasts and it will be over when it finishes. So, take your time; as long as it takes. Make a commitment to trusting the process and let go of the need for outcomes. Simply know that you are building your reservoir of personal power. Continue to ground, cleanse and protect your energy daily. Pay attention to your inner knowledge and build your trust in it.

Healing is a process that takes time. You heal a broken bone in six weeks. You wish it could be done faster but whatever you do, it will take six weeks. Similarly, emotional wounds take time to heal. If you rush them, you will only cover up their bleeding. Energy wounds also take time to recover. Give them the time they need. If you continue to build and trust your knowledge system, you will know when it has reached a comfortable level.

And when that happens, your path becomes crystal clear. Whether you already live it or not, it matters less. Because once you can witness it, it means it exists in the energy field. And it is then only a matter of time before it comes to be.

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