Attracting vs. Chasing

Jul 28, 2020

Once we learn how to receive and increase our energy level enough to hold all that is coming to us, we become conscious of the fundamental difference between attracting vs chasing. When we act from a place of inner stillness, we naturally attract more and chase less.

Chasing is what we do when we struggle. When we call ten times someone who does not answer our calls back. When we feel we are trying hard. Chasing comes from a place of worry, of fear, of low trust. We go chasing because we don’t trust it will come to us. Chasing is fuelled by our insecurities, by our low self-esteem, and by our own self-doubt. Chasing leaves us depleted, tired, and somewhat sad. We often ask ourselves ‘Why does life need to be so difficult?’


Attraction, on the other hand, is a state of receiving. We attract things to us because we trust they will come and we open up to them when they do. We attract by the power of our energy, by the high vibration we give out; we attract because we believe we will.

When we attract we live in the flow. We accumulate knowledge naturally through listening to all that we're being told. This knowledge effortlessly drives us to decisions.


For instance, if I know what type of work I enjoy, I form an intention to find it, and I make the decision to go for it when the opportunity arises. This is all good, but what do I do in the meanwhile as I wait for this perfect opportunity to show itself? Well, I keep on directing my energy towards attracting this perfect work to me. I keep on energizing my dream. How do I do this?


Firstly, I believe in my dream, in what I know is good for me, and what I feel my soul urges me towards. I keep my faith high. I keep my energy high. I don't push or force myself to do anything that feels like a struggle. I go with what life brings me and I chose to do the things that energize me, see the people who light my spirit, and be in the places that lift my mood.

Secondly, I trust my inner compass of what good or bad feels like to me. When Steve Jobs dropped out of college, he was going against the universally accepted definition of professional success. But his heart was telling him a different story. He was meant to be the founder of Apple and his soul knew that a long time before it happened. He did not chase a degree he did not feel any interest in. Instead, he pursued his dream and attracted the opportunities to make his dream happen.

And thirdly, I resist the temptation to give up when things don't show up in the artificial time frame we sometimes impose upon ourselves. I trust that the law of attraction works even when I cannot see it, just like electricity does. I trust it in the same way that I trust the light to come on when I flick a switch. I let it follow it's own timing and I make myself busy with enjoying my own life in the meanwhile.

And this is how we manifest things, who we make them real.

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