A Summer for Rebalance

Jul 30, 2023

We are currently running a Summer Holistic Rebalancing Programme at The HEAL Institute. Each week we look at one of the chakras and find how we can rebalance it and boost our well-being. Here’s a summary of facts about each of our chakras as well as some prompts to help you find out where you may need a little self care.

The Root Chakra

Its colour is red.

It’s located in the perineum, at the base of your spine, behind the sacrum bone.

It’s linked to the life force and vitality of the physical body.

It influences grounding, physical survival, fight or flight response, courage and patience, and also material success.

Symptoms of imbalance: excessive feelings of anxiety and fear, restlessness and impatience, insecurity and lack of trust, feeling disconnected or ungrounded, concerns about money, food and shelter even when these needs are met. Physical symptoms include issues with immunity, sleep, joint pain or chronic fatigue.

Journal prompt: What has been your story around abundance, belonging, relationship to your body, safety, home and health? How do you want to change this story?

The Sacral Chakra

Its colour is orange.

It’s located in the lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel.

It’s linked to birth, assimilation of food, sexuality, and creativity.

It influences desire, pleasure, sexuality, procreation, creativity, relationships, the ability to process change, and family matters.

Symptoms of imbalance: emotional instability, lack of creativity, low libido, difficulty establishing boundaries, feelings of guilt and shame, addictive behaviours, impulsivity and social isolation. Physical symptoms include reproductive issues, urinary tract infections, lower back pain and digestive problems.

Journal prompt: What has been your story around sensuality, sexuality, creativity, and relationships? How do you want to change this story?

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Its colour is yellow,

It’s located in the solar plexus.

It’s linked to individuality and self-worth.

It influences emotions, especially joy and anger, personal power, ambition, image in the world, self-worth, and willpower.

Symptoms of imbalance: low self-esteem, difficulty making decisions, insecurity, lack of motivation, anger and frustration, controlling behaviours, perfectionism, avoiding confrontation. Physical symptoms include adrenal gland issues and weight problems.

Journal prompt: What has been your story around personal power, joy, radiance, leadership, and personal boundaries? How do you want to change this story? 

The Heart Chakra

Its colour is green.

It’s located in the heart.

It’s the centre of love, compassion, harmony and peace.

It influences balance, acceptance, feelings of contentment and love.

Symptoms of imbalance: lack of empathy, difficulty with emotional intimacy, feeling unloved or unworthy, resentment and bitterness, feeling overwhelmed by emotions, people pleasing, self-sacrificing behaviour. Physical symptoms include heart and lung issues, circulatory or blood pressure issues.

Journal prompt: What has been your story around love, compassion, forgiveness, surrender and inner peace? How do you want to change this story?

The Throat Chakra

Its colour is blue.

It’s located in the throat.

It’s the centre of communication.

It influences creativity, self-expression, synthesising of ideas, healing, truth, transformation, reliability, and kindness.

Symptoms of imbalance: difficulty expressing emotions, fear of public speaking, feeling misunderstood, excessive talking or silence, lack of confidence in communication, inability to listen, talking over others. Physical symptoms include sore throat, thyroid problems, neck and shoulder tension, ear problems.

Journal prompt: What has been your story around voice, visibility, being seen and heard, and expressing your authentic soul? How do you want to change this story? 

The Third Eye Chakra

Its colour is indigo.

It’s located in the centre of the forehead slightly above the eye level.

It’s the centre of intuition.

It influences perception, intuition, spirituality, wisdom, awareness, peace of mind, and forgiveness.

Symptoms of imbalance: difficulty making decisions, lack of intuition, being lost in fantasies, closed mindedness, over-analysis, a tendency to spiritual bypassing, difficulty concentrating. Physical symptoms include headaches and migraines, eye issues, sleep disturbances, sinus issues.

Journal prompt: What has been your story around vision, intuition, psychic powers, consciousness and inner guidance? How do you want to change this story? 

The Crown Chakra

Its colour is violet or sometimes perceived as white.

It’s located on the top of the head.

It’s the centre of spirituality.

It influences how we receive information, understanding, acceptance, psychic skills, connection to the divine, and to our personal purpose and destiny.

Symptoms of imbalance: feeling disconnected spiritually, depression or existential angst, difficulty letting go, rigid belief system, lack of purpose, excessive spiritualising and dissociating from everyday life. Physical symptoms include sleep disturbances, sensitivity to light and sound, neurological problems.

Journal prompt: What has been your story around connecting to and being able to receive Divine Love? How do you want to change this story? 

If you want to learn more about your chakras and how to balance them, head over to The HEAL Institute (www.thehealinstitute.com) and register for the BASIC Membership. You'll enjoy one month of free access to this programme as well as all the other benefits of the STANDARD Membership. The programme runs until the end of August 2023.

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