The HEAL Institute

Apr 30, 2023
The HEAL Institute

I had a dream. It came to me first in April last year. It whispered for a while, waiting patiently. Waiting for me to do something about it. I did. Then, I stopped. The whisper became louder. In November last year, I could not ignore it any longer.

I dreamed of a place where people could find real healing.

I dreamed of a world where everyone lives the life that they dream of.

I dreamed of a way to bring together the different parts of me - the healer, the entrepreneur, the traveller, the writer and the dreamer.

This dream started to take shape and last month it became a reality:

The HEAL Institute

The place where the Past and the Future come together to heal the Now.

But what is The HEAL Institute?

HEAL stands for Holistic Ecosystem for an Accomplished Life.

It’s the place that helps you live the best version of your life.

Institute, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is an organisation where people do a particular type of scientific, educational, or social work.

This is what we do. We research, educate, experiment with, select and bring alternative and complementary healing and wellness methods into mainstream consciousness.

We bridge gaps:

  • Between mainstream and alternative healing
  • Between mind, body and spirit
  • Between the life we dream of and the life we live

We offer a platform for people to learn more about holistic healing, come together in communities, and find a better way to live. We offer resources, information, education, and support. And we also offer an online clinic of mind-body-spirit therapists that deliver safe, reliable and affordable individual sessions.

We help you heal what needs healing. We help you grow and learn. We support you on your journey back to wholeness and wellness.

We are there at every step of the journey as a trusted guide. We offer you information, education, a community for support and we offer you safe and curated mind-body-sprit medicine.

Join our community for GBP 19 / month or GBP 197 / year.

What’s included:

  • Online courses (usually priced at £477):
    • 7 Steps to Personal Power - mindfulness techniques to care for your energy
    • The Munay Ki Rites - shamanic energy medicine transmissions
  • One month membership to a holistic wellness and healing community, like-minded people you can interact and grow together with
  • Message board
  • Weekly challenges
  • Monthly meet-ups
  • Ad hoc webinars and events
  • Information and resources on holistic healing and wellness
  • A list of selected and vetted therapists that provide 1 to 1 alternative and complementary therapies in the space of Mind Body Spirit healing. (Individual therapies subject to additional charges)

 Step on your journey towards wholeness and wellness. Because it’s time to start living the life that you dream of.

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