A Horse Called Bicycle - Reviews


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Oh my wordy word!! Yes, ’tis only two days since my rave on book 1 of this series and a) I’m still as certain of the calibre of the book, and b) I’m happy to inform you that I definitely recommend book 2, out later this month.

Here we see the aftermath of book 1, of the decisions she’s made as she arrives once more in the fantastic setting that is Argentina. I was very agreeable on the reason for her move, as in book 1 she had been so tunnel visioned on her intentions, but very quickly I was wincing, and telling her to get back to (to me) more important goals-those pertaining to Polo.

This book had me once again, the way of life in Argentina stole my heart, although I got to experience it to a slightly fuller degree in book 1. As well as this the everyday relationship issues were bang on, and then of course there were the horses, which conversely I felt we got to appreciate so much more here. I felt for Roxy so much, in particular when faced with calamity, and then with some home truths, and I read with, as they say, baited breath.

This book was another stunner that had me following along, tearing my hair out as to the final outcome for Roxy’s dreams and sealing me as a huge fan of Ms. Valea’s. 

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A year after leaving Argentina and Rodrigo, Roxy decides to give love a chance and moves back to the place she left her heart.

But moving to Argentina is just the first of many difficult steps… Is the love between her and Rodrigo the real thing? And will it survive the many differences?

This is the second installment of the series, continuing where the first left us. Roxy finally found the guts to come clean about her feelings for Rodrigo and is ready to take a leap of faith.

Also in this part, I admired Roxy, as she does what her heart tells her, even if it’s completely the opposite what her friends tell her.

Despite her fear of being all too good to be true, she sets her mind of making everything work.

Even if her friends don’t agree with her decisions, they love her unconditionally and let her make her own mistakes, ready to be there for her whenever she needs them.

And when another injury takes place, again they are ready to take care of her, without asking something in return.

For me, this series is not a story about finding your true love, but about finding your inner peace. What makes you happy? What can you live without? But what if the thing that makes you happy is also the thing that destroys you?

It shows you that wanting something so badly, isn’t always enough. You have to find the strength to say goodbye to the thing you love but hurts you.

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Another absolutely gorgeous read by this author. I absolutely adore these books. They are the perfect escapism after a busy day.

This book is equally as good as the first in the series, I adore the characters and writing style used in the book. They pull the reader in to the pages and allow you to become lost.​

Roxana Valea is a wonderful author and I hope there will be many more books to come. There is literally nothing negative I can say about this book.

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This second installment of the Polo Diaries series, 41 year old polo player Roxy goes back to Argentina after seeking some advice from three different crystal fortune tellers who gives her three different scenarios about her love life. (...)​

In this installment, I love that Roxy finds the wisdom to finally see for herself and her future - to finally take care of herself. In her introspection and sound advice from her friends who truly love her, she travels to India and Thailand to discover Ayurvedic medicine, yoga and more importantly, what she needs to truly love, herself. 

I recommend this read for an inspirational story based on real life events about a strong woman in this amazing women’s fiction read.

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At this point, especially taking the injuries from the first book into consideration too, the fact that Roxy has caused even more damage to her own body by pursuing her love of polo, has taken on a world of its own.​

Is there some kind of subconscious self-destructive element at work there? Is the frustration about her love life not going the way she hopes making her seek excitement in the often dangerous game of polo and some of the major incidents she has been involved in.​

In this second book of the Polo Diaries Roxy finally makes a more positive move towards comprehending why her search isn’t as successful as she hopes. The key to her happiness is not with others or the world in general. She holds the key, because she is the key. She must first love herself, before she can have a successful loving relationship with someone else or not, and the or not is equally important. You don’t need a romance to love yourself.

It’s a contemporary read – an exploration and discovery of self.

It is fiction, but it is also inextricably linked to the author and her experiences. It’s this visceral connection, and ability to describe both the countries and the people in her story with such precision, which makes the read. I think if the author can focus on those moments and less on the in minutiae detailed description of each thought process and encounter – there is a greater story waiting to escape and be told. 

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After her last trip to Argentina Roxy returns to the country, considerably more emotionally and physically damaged than on her previous trip. She wants her happily ever after, and to continue doing what she loves, but starts to question if it is the right thing for her, now?

Self-realisation is a key element of this second story, completing her to-do list on her previous visit didn’t fulfil her. Can she see that the answers to her happiness lie within? I empathised more with this damaged, yet mature woman, perhaps because I’m older and understood this Roxy more? This story is uplifting and held my interest throughout.